NOVA LABS on Ebola crisis

NOVA LABS on Ebola crisis:  Once the pharma market has found a safe and effective Ebola vaccine or treatment, NGOs aid agencies will face the other traditional barrier: getting it to remote areas of Africa where the cold chain is limited and fragile health systems are overwhelmed and under-staffed.

Nova’s HydRIS® medical device stabilises vaccines, overcoming the need for the Cold Chain.  The vaccine is dried onto a membrane and sealed in a small custom-designed housing that can be inserted between a conventional administration syringe and a standard hypodermic needle.  At the point of use, the content of the syringe (typically saline or water) is flushed through the device delivering the re-hydrated vaccine in one action.

It has been proven that live vaccines including MVA and Adeno vector systems can be stabilised and stored for over 12 months at above room temperature using the HydRIS® system.  Some of the leading Ebola vaccine candidates are based on similar platforms. 

We are ready to scale up our processes for the most effective treatments on the back of this patented stabilisation technology.


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